Emily has many toys. Most are plastic. Some are made of
wood. Her favorite is the plastic pond with wooden
fish. Sometimes Emily pretends she is a burning house.

Emily has a friend named Ben. One day when she was
being a house, burning; Ben rushed in, grabbed
her plastic watering can and poured the wooden water
onto the house.

He saved her life and she was very grateful. She rewarded
him with a kiss on the cheek. Ben blushed, “Oh Emily,
that isn’t necessary.” he responded. “But you’re sweet,
Ben,” she said, “you saved my life.”

The next day, Emily was in the garden, pretending to be
a surgeon. She was cutting open her wooden doll
with a plastic knife. She removed the doll’s wooden
heart and ate it. “Tasty,” she told Ben who was
sitting beside her watching. “Want some?” she asked.

“No thanks,” said Ben. “I’m not very hungry.”
Then she pretended to be a house again, burning. This time
Ben just watched her burn until Emily was a pile of dark ash
on the grass beside her wooden doll without a heart.